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No Supari

No Artificial color

No Artificial odour

No Chemicals

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Why Us

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Our products are developed by experts with experience of over  17 years in ayurvedic industry
We are reliable and stable enterprise. 

100% Natural

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Our products does not contain any artificial color, artificial odour, Areca Nuts, or any chemical
and hence 100% natural.

Best Quality

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 We use machinery and instrumentation at par  with industrial standards. Our products are  certified by government laboratories  and vallidated.

About Shripad Products

A Shripad product is a company that manufactures premium herbal food supplement products in India that are synonymous with quality. With a passion for natural remedies and healthy living, we are one of the very few companies that have an astute understanding of the science of Ayurved related to food. And we apply our understanding with cut throat technological advancements to produce an elite product line that is efficacious, safe, validated and reliable. We decided to enter this extremely challenging field and cater to the rising demand for quality herbal products on a global scale.


The vision is to multiply the opportunity of Ayurvedic food in the world. We are in a social vision to teach the importance of Ayurvedic food in the common to see a healthy India.

Our mission of our business is not focusing any financial point. Our strategy is social. We are taking the responsibility of quality to fulfil the social need.


We are a reliable and stable enterprise with an Ayurvedic background.
We boast a 100% customer retention rate, supporting our customers.
With integrity, trust, excellence, teamwork, vision, and communication the Shripad Products team will collaborate with our client organizations,
as well as within Shripad Products, to improve quality.