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Is Shripad Pachak addictive ?

No. Shripad Pachak is not addictive and there is no harm in dis-continuing its consumption

Is it very expensive to have Shripad Pachak ?

Not at all. The cost of consuming Shripad Pachak is three times is much less than having two cups of tea in a day.

Is Shripad Pachak tested at government laboratory ?

Yes, please click here for report

Is it completely Vegetarian ?

YES, Shripad Pachak is 100% vegetarian.

You say one spoon, which spoon should be used ?

You should use table spoon, approximate quantity 1.5 gm.

When shall I eat Shripad Pachak ?

If you want to improve your digestion system, freshen your mouth, then eat Shripad Pachak within a period of 20 minutes to 1 hour after your  every food ( Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner).

Is it harmful to eat Shripad Pachak daily ?

Shripad Pachak does not contain supari, artificial color/odour or chemicals. Hence it is completely safe.